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We are always wondering (as the belief amongst Chinese) –

Can a piece of Jade protect one from harm while wearing it should one fall and break that piece of jade ?

The Influence of Chinese Culture of such belief and many civilizations holding jade in such high regard, the power of it is something not to be underestimated.

Some people do express Relief rather than blaming the broken jade they are wearing as a form of PROTECTION from harm.

Colour-Matching Talents 👔🎀

1st Contribution to this page –  Topics about :  Matching colour of Pendants / Necklaces and clothes

What to go with Dull GREY outfit?

Excellent Match !!

Green Jade (different shade of GREEN) – Matches with  Dull Grey Outfits

2nd Contribution to this page – Sweet Matches of Colour Combination

Yellow Necklace on —

Light Purple – Stark Contrast!       Pastel Beige –   Bright and Sweet!       Dark Yellowish Brown – Superb!  or     BASIC Black – Elegant !

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